Week Sixteen | Readings

A short reading list this week, because it’s all hands on deck on the phoning/tweeting/letter-writing/town-hall front. American democracy feels pretty fragile right now, and we’re arguably on the cusp of a Constitutional crisis (not quite there yet, but watch this space). Accordingly, if you’re not already, please make your voices heard! Check out our Resources section (right sidebar) for help on getting engaged. 5 Calls and the Town Hall Project are great starting points. If you need more rallying, here–whether you like CNN’s Fareed Zakaria or not–is a pretty clear-eyed, urgent assessment of what’s going on, and why it matters. Eminently worth your four minutes.

We’ll aim for more of a content mixture (jokes! art! random joy! poetry! humanity!) next week so that we don’t all go insane. But this week we’re more or less laser-focused. (And to think we were in a state of high alert just last week about the AHCA! Time, in this administration, certainly does fly.)

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