Week Six | Readings

  • The continuing need for, and impact and tactics of, resistance: “The Reichstag Warning,” Timothy Snyder’s NYRB piece shows how the politics of fear can upend democracy, in Nazi Germany, and here and now  |  Tips and analysis in “What Calling Congress Achieves,” The New Yorker  |  Calls from Mohsin Hamid in The Guardian to reclaim the narrative from right-wing nationalist movements across the world by refocusing our political outlook: we must look forward with hope, not back with nostalgia.
  • The Southern Poverty Law Center’s annual Intelligence Report documents the continued rise of hate groups and crimes across the US. See what’s near you.
  • To ease you into the weekend, a jolly piece about Morris dancing. If you’re into wearing white and jingle bells, and if you don’t mind people backing slowly away from you as you come near, they’re recruiting! Go on, then.
  • Finally, in the appalling era of Betsy DeVos, we should probably revisit charter schools. Here’s one place to start: the irrepressible John Oliver.